How it works

From Chaos to Clarity, Your Virtual Angel Puts You in Control


Free Consultation

Begin by scheduling a free consultation to discuss your specific requirements and business goals. During this consultation, we will also discuss my services in greater detail and explore how Your Virtual Angel can benefit your business.​


Approve & Pay​

Once I have determined the scope of work and agreed upon the services, you will receive a detailed proposal outlining the tasks and pricing. Upon approval and payment, I can start delivering the benefits to your business.


Progress Updates

Working together, you can expect regular progress updates. I provide transparent and timely communication, keeping you informed, as well as detailed reports to track task completion and measure the positive impact of my services.​


Bronze Plan

Pay As You Go
  • Embrace the convenience of my flexible hourly payment option
  • Access essential services at an affordable rate
  • Tailored for individuals and small businesses on a tight budget

Silver Plan

My Most Popular Package
  • Buy a block of hours to get the best value​ for your money
  • Ensure you have the support you require when you need it​
  • Scale my support with ease using this versatile package​
best value

Gold Plan

Need a tailored package?​
  • Weekly or monthly
    committed hours
  • Designed for those seeking a robust and flexible solution​
  • Unleash the power of my most comprehensive package ​